Guess who won’t be “Netflix and Chilling”?

Written: February 14, 2019

It’s not as simple as you may think 🙂

Another year, single, on Valentine’s Day. Okay let me stop overreacting; it’s only the second year in a row for me. And this time I’m in a new city, so there’s no need to complain. However, in regards to relationships, it’s been TOUGH over the years. Majority of the time, I feel like a hopeless romantic. Then again, going on dates has never been an issue. On the other hand, getting past the first few dates, or even a couple months, has been an issue. Though I have my imperfections, there’s one huge reason that maintaining relationships has been so hard for me…

I’m holding out until marriage…

…I’m 27 and still a virgin. I don’t like to tell people that not out of embarrassment, but because of unsolicited pressure and even resentment. You know what’s funny? I’ve gotten more support and encouragement from men than women, even men who claimed they wanted to sleep with me. Sounds crazy, but believe me, it happens. There are those who want to question your sexual orientation, imply you’re “holier than thou” for your choice or for simply stating it, prudish, or even foolish…

Why people think virgins don’t want sex is beyond me.

CAN I BE TRANSPARENT?! I personally think about it more than I’d like to admit. This is a tough decision to make and hold on to. Telling men I’ve dated or have been interested in that I don’t “Netflix and Chill” hasn’t always been easy either; I enjoy Netflix and I enjoy chilling, but we know what it leads to. And that’s out of the question until I’m some man’s wife.

On the bright side, it’s easy to weed out the ones who only want sex and don’t value me as a person, or what I’ll bring to the relationship. I’m just talking about the men who claim they want more than sex. In addition to less stress, there’s a lot less heartache. BUT…I won’t act like there’s absolutely no heartache. It definitely hurts and things get discouraging from time to time, especially the older I get.

At this point in life, I’m convinced that the decision to save myself is the right one, no matter how things look and how hard it may get. No matter how alone or how misunderstood I may feel. And regardless of how many people suggest otherwise, I’ll continue to wait. So NO, there won’t be anyone-night or half-night stands. NO hit it and quit it. NO test-driving. And definitely, not any ‘Netflix and Chilling’!

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