Savoring EVERY Hardship

Written: January 18, 2018

It’s been 7 months so far, and I’m convinced every day that I AM where I need to be. Is every day perfect? Not even close. However, all of the rough times and trials I’ve faced have pruned me into a person that even my family and closest friends wouldn’t recognize! Well, the ones who’ve known me prior to the LA move.

Prime example, just the other day, I was soliciting prayers in a GroupMe chat because I’m always stressing over not getting enough hours or work [between working Staples Center and doing Freelance Production work] and that the hours are never consistent. I also said how I low-key envy those who work 9–5 jobs because they know their schedules and how much they’ll make bi-weekly and monthly. On the flip side, I promised one of the choir directors at my church that I’d help out with the choir for MLK Day. At the engagement, we’re singing on the same stage as speakers and performers such as Stevie Wonder, Maxine Waters, Paul Pierce, among others. As the program starts comes to a close, I notice that we’re there longer than expected, and I turn to the director and say “Good thing I don’t have to be at Staples Center until 3!”. Just then, I had an a-ha moment. “If you worked 9–5, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy stuff like this!” [This is just one of MANY great experiences I’ve encountered!]

Even though at times I struggle and may not always have as much money as I’d like, I can honestly say I have yet to be without or lack ANYTHING. I could complain about not having one, stable job. But there are people I run into who have lived here for years that still have a hard time finding work, while it only took me a week of moving out here to get my first job AND place to stay. I’ll admit, it wasn’t my own place; I’ve had to resort to couch surfing a couple times since being here. That’s another story for another day, BELIEVE ME. But being an independent person not having your own place is the worst, and thru all the complaints of not having my own place or permanent residence, at least I had somewhere I knew wouldn’t be on the street. That was a daily reality check; seeing people sleep on sidewalks or in alleys. Not to mention, staying with others and subleasing allowed me to get familiar with different parts of town-which even though those transit rides were tedious, I can look back and be grateful for those experiences. I could also complain about not having a car in this big city, but it’s allowed me to navigate though memory retention instead of depending solely on Google Maps. Can you believe there are people who have lived here longer than I have, who ask me how to get from point A to point B?!

Every hardship has not only made me stronger, more composed, and more compassionate, but also more patient with others and myself, along with my journey. So now instead of trying my best to avoid it or sulk every time things get complicated, I embrace the stumbling blocks that ultimately lead to my constant growth.

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