Case of the EX

Written: February 10, 2018

Ever been told “You and your ex should get back together! You guys were perfect for each other!!” PAUSE. Nobody wants to constantly be reminded of their ex. From the outside looking in, you only know what you saw/heard, not what REALLY went on in our relationship. And if you think commenting on our past relationship is going to rekindle any old feelings, don’t hold your breath. My ex is in my past for a reason, whether I learned from my mistakes or theirs, or BOTH. You have that ex or exes that you would look at in your present-self and if you two were to cross paths, you wouldn’t even blink an eye towards them? You wouldn’t get with them to fill your void of loneliness. You wouldn’t let how attracted you were to them trump everything else they lack. You wouldn’t let little things [that should be red flags] slide because of how much you thought you liked/loved them. Sure, that season we were together might have been something special, but that’s no guarantee that we were meant to be together, especially when there are billions of people in the world and someone out there who REALLY deserves you. I have a number of exes/past ‘situationships’ that were good people! But we are no longer together-whether it was my decision, their decision, or our mutual decision-because that’s what was best for the both of us. Not because they’re such a horrible person: they’d actually make a GREAT partner, just not for me…

I get it. You’re deeply hurt. You’re upset. Stop manifesting on how bad whoever made you feel. I don’t care how long ago it was, how many times they’ve done it, or for how long. Think about how many times you’ve hurt God and done him wrong, yet he continues to forgive and bless you as if NOTHING happened. I’m not saying you need to forget about it, but you definitely need to F O R G I V E. You’re only further complicating it for yourself, while he/she has gone on about their business and they’re focused on whatever it is they are doing with their life…

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