How are YOU celebrating?

*A reminder to stop and remember you have it better than you realize

Since a number of people will be celebrating this upcoming weekend, what better way to write about another way to celebrate, huh? Not long ago, I was randomly asked in the middle of a conversation “Are you celebrating?”

My response was “with what money?” considering pretty much all my money at this point is going towards bills…the best part of adulting, right? *insert sarcasm*

He went on to explain finding things to celebrate… even with everything going on. It’s tough for all of us, regardless of where we’re living, but as we all know things could be so much worse. A few months ago, I saw all the pictures on social media of everyone playing in snow with their scenic posts to show off. At one point, I thought I was low-key jealous of everyone enjoying snow, because I’m surrounded by sun year round. It made me miss having those moments of living in a city with all four seasons, even having mild-anemia. But only for a moment did I have those feelings because people also wasted no time explaining the driving conditions and THEN I realized what they were going through without power, hot water, heat, etc. 

That’s when it hit me…

…I came home every day to a house that may require me to use a space heater when I get a little chilly. That, among other necessities that people in other areas of the country have been without at no fault of their own.

Despite feeling in a funk at times, getting tired of the routine, and all the other symptoms that came from dealing with a pandemic that we still technically haven’t gotten past, there are still moments and small wins we can celebrate in the meantime! (For starters, we can celebrate being back outside!)

PRIME EXAMPLE! There are people who’ve actually been able to save a lot more money during the past year due to working remotely and not having to drive anywhere or ordering takeout for lunch every day or so. Some people have started new jobs, careers, bought houses, cars, businesses and the like. One huge win for me is a full-time gig where I got hired (basically) on the spot earlier this year! On the flip side, every win doesn’t have to be BIG, there are always little wins here and there.

One small win for me was some time ago, when I was taking a hip-hop class at a prominent dance studio in LA and got called out by the choreographer to be one of the dancers performing the choreography on camera. Mind you hip-hop isn’t my go-to style and I caught myself on the 2nd and 3rd rows pretty much the whole class, trying to blend in with other dancers and was somehow still called out from across the studio. So it definitely caught me by surprise, but challenged me all at the same time; to perform on camera with one other dancer in a style that’s not my strongest. What made it a TRUE win is that I’m a huge fan of his work and even though I was initially intimidated by his fast, complex movements, it ended up being exactly what I needed.

Some other small wins came as a blessing in disguise. Long story short, my full time gig that I got hired for with a CBS show has a summer hiatus, and after our last week of work we had to file for unemployment unless you have something else to work on for the summer. I wasn’t too happy about that, but on the flip side it allowed me to do things I didn’t have the flexibility to do while working this job since you know, salaried jobs don’t have “set” hours. For the past month, I’ve been able to train A LOT more in dance, work on a another season of “Insecure” doing background work, take on other day gigs and network with other creatives in the industry on days where I’d typically be working, focus more on my mental health, among other things! I also got to attend the BET Awards for the first time! Okay okay, I know that’s on a Sunday, but I got an invite to be in the VIP audience for a private performance, that ended up being for Silk Sonic. This was taped on a Tuesday afternoon, which again would’ve been a day I’d be working had I not taken this summer hiatus. No, the money isn’t flowing in the same way it was (which I miss) but the quality of life has improved and I can’t really complain about that.

None of this may not be a big deal to you, but we all have those wins no matter how big or small that we can look at, smile, and give ourselves those pats on the back. It may feel like we’re doomed at times, but we’re alive and that’s plenty to be thankful within itself. A few takeaways to leave you with:

  • Appreciate the small things and small wins
  • Remember comparison is the thief of JOY, never compare your journey or accomplishments to anyone else (it’s always easier said than done)
  • Things could always be worse; “your worst day is better than someone’s else best day”
  • Say YES to putting yourself in tough situations and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself

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